Student Help: Proctorio in Canvas

Proctorio is a free online exam proctoring service that can be attached to quizzes to deter cheating. Depending on the exam settings, Proctorio can monitor during exams by recording video, audio, or screen activities. 

IMPORTANT: To use Proctorio, you MUST be working in a Google Chrome browser with the Proctorio Extension installed.

See the following drop-down options for help using Proctorio.

How do I download the Proctorio extension?

  1. To enable Proctorio, you will need to use the Google Chrome browser. To install Chrome on your computer, go to the Google Chrome website.
  2. Once you're using Chrome, go to to download the extension.
    1. You can also view the Proctorio Setup Walkthrough.
  3. After it has downloaded, you should see the shield icon in your browser extensions.
Proctorio shield
How do I take an exam with Proctorio?
  1. To take your proctored exam as assigned by your instructor, first click on the quiz that have been assigned to complete. Ensure that you have the necessary equipment and requirements for your exam. This information can be found below the name of the exam.
  1. Read the instructions that come with exam. When you are done reading, click "Take the Quiz".
  1. Read the Proctorio instruction on the next page. Make sure you understand which information will be collected while you are taking the exam and the resources you are allowed to use. Failure to provide necessary information or use resources that are not allowed may cause you to fail the exam.
  1. Click on the button below that says "Start exam pre-checks" to test if your equipment is functioning normally.
  1. Once everything is working you are able to take the exam.

What if I have Proctorio enabled, but can't see any content in my course?

Check for the following extensions and disable them. Unfortunately these extensions don’t work well with Proctorio. You may also be able to whitelist I-Learn.

  1. Adblock Plus or any ad blocker “AB”
  2. uBlock
  3. Pinterest Save affects quizzes that are not proctored
  4. LastPass
  5. Grammarly for Chrome affects quizzes that are not proctored

If that doesn’t resolve the issue, try right clicking I-Learn tab in your browser and select Duplicate.

If that doesn’t resolve the issue, you may contact Proctorio directly. If the browser extension is dark grey, click it and choose Live Chat. If the extension is not activated, you may use one of the following methods to contact Proctorio Support.

My test says it needs a password. What do I do?

Make sure you are using the Chrome browser.

Check to see that the Proctorio extension shield is dark grey. If it is light grey, it means the extension has not activated. If it has not activated, give it a few more seconds to see if it darkens.

The first image below shows that the extension is not activated. The second image is activated.

If the extension still does not activate, then you may contact Proctorio Support directly.

What do I do if I experience technical issues during my exam?

If you have already entered the exam, there is a Live Chat with Proctorio available. When the extension is enabled, the shield should be dark grey. You can access Live Chat by selecting it when you click on the enabled shield in your upper right hand corner of your browser.

What do I do if my internet fails or I get locked out of my exam?

If your internet fails or you get locked out of your exam, you can contact Proctorio through Live Chat and they can reset your exam for you.

How do I get back into my test if I get kicked out?

If you get kicked out of your test, contact Proctorio through Live Chat and they can reset your exam.

How do I know my data is secure when I am using Proctorio? Is someone watching me take my exam?

All data leaving your computer and passing to Proctorio is encrypted from end-to-end during transfer and storage. Using Proctorio is similar to taking your exam in a proctored environment like a testing center, but from the comfort of your own home, on your own computer, on your own schedule. There is not someone watching you take your exam. Your exam is recorded and a proctor from the BYU-Idaho Testing Center and your instructor will review it only if there is suspicious behavior. Proctorio is only enabled through the Google Chrome extension downloaded to take your exams. Proctorio only runs when you are taking an exam, and is activated only when accessing specific exams in I-Learn.

Can I use another remote proctor?

No. BYU-Idaho has selected Proctorio as its provider for remote proctoring.

How does Proctorio work with screen readers and other tools?

Proctorio uses the exam settings in I-Learn to administer an exam. If a student has been given special access, it can be granted the same way as other exams or quizzes within I-Learn and the settings will transfer to Proctorio.

Proctorio is VPAT certified and 508 compliant and fully accessible to students with special needs. Proctorio has a built-in screen reader and works with other screen readers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Questions

  • What is Proctorio?
    • Proctorio is a remote proctoring service software that works within your web browser to monitor test takers for suspicious behavior.
  • Why are we using Proctorio?
    • Proctorio is an easy-to-use system that operates within your web browser, allowing you to take your exam anywhere, at any time, while still being proctored.
  • If I am an online student, can I still find a live proctor to proctor my exams?
    • No. If Proctorio is set up in your course, it is required for all students to use Proctorio on their own computers, a friend's computer, or a library computer that meets the requirements of Chrome, a webcam, and a microphone.
  • If I am close to campus, can I go to the Testing Center to take my exam?
    • No, if Proctorio is set up in your course, it is required for all students to use Proctorio on their own computers, a friend's computer, or a library computer that meets the requirements of Chrome, a webcam, and a microphone.
  • Does using Proctorio affect my grade?
    • Using Proctorio does not affect your grade. Any suspicious behavior will be reported to the instructor and will be up to them to decide the final grade of the exam.

Before the Exam

  • Do I have to download software to use Proctorio?
    • You don’t have to download software, but you do need to download the Proctorio extension on Google Chrome. Proctorio only works in the Chrome browser. Go to to download this extension. Click "click here" under step 2.
  • Is a webcam required to use Proctorio?
    • Yes, it is required to have a webcam and access to a microphone in order to use Proctorio. If you do not have access to a computer with a camera and microphone, you will need to purchase them go to a lab or library  that has access to a camera or microphone that will be quiet enough for you to take your exam. You may also need to borrow a computer from someone else that meets this requirement. You cannot take your proctored exam without them.
  • Does Proctorio require an ID card?
    • Some tests require some form of identification for students to be able to access their exams. Is a good idea to have it with you before you start your exam.
  • Where can I find what I am allowed to use during my exams?
    • On the exam information page, your instructor will list the materials you are allowed to use during your exam.
  • Am I allowed to use scratch paper?
    • You are allowed to use scratch paper only if your instructor explicitly indicates that you can. To prevent exam content from being compromised, scratch paper is typically not allowed.

During the Exam

  • What should I avoid during a Proctorio test?
    • As you are taking your exam, avoid looking around the room or anywhere other than your computer screen.
    • Don’t get up and move during your exam or leave the view of the camera.
    • If you are allowed to use physical scratch paper or a calculator, it is required to show those to the camera before starting your test.
    • There should be no one else in the room or around you as you take your exam.
    • You also may not use headphones.
  • Where am I allowed to take my exam?
    • You can take your exam anywhere that has internet access and is private enough that no one will be in the room with you.
  • Should I save my answers in I-Learn?
    • We recommend that you save your answers to your questions as you answer them. If anything happens and your test unexpectedly ends, your answers will be saved and you will not have to go back and redo them.

After the Exam

Additional Resources

Proctorio Support

If you encounter any issues with Proctorio, rather than approaching your online instructor, Proctorio has provided resources to solve a majority of issues students can experience and that are available at all hours of the day. 

  • Live Chat (via the Chrome extension)
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Toll free phone: +1 866 948 9087
  • Local additional phone: +1 480 428 4076

BYU-Idaho Support

If Proctorio responds to help issues saying it has something to do with course settings or an I-Learn error, the issue can then be taken to the Remote Proctoring Team of BYU-Idaho at (208) 496-1767 or [email protected].